Breakfast Pizza and Nobody

Hello and welcome to Pizza and a Movie! Alex has been asking for a breakfast pizza for a while; so this week we have a pizza loaded with breakfast sausage, cheese, Calabrian chilis and of course, a fried egg. We are headed back out to the Mugnaini wood oven today, but you can easily do this pie in your kitchen oven. This week, we have the new movie, Nobody; starring one of my favorite television actors, Bob Odenkirk. We have the wood fire going, so let’s go outside and get to the pizza!

pizza and egg cooking in wood oven

This Breakfast Pizza does require some prep cooking. I cooked the breakfast sausage in a skillet on the stove earlier in the day. The fried egg, I am cooking separately in a cast iron skillet, in the wood oven. Since the pizzas in this Piccolo 80 cook in about 90 seconds, my egg would not have time to fully cook the whites if I cracked it right on the pizza. So I set the pan in the oven to heat up while I got my pizza station set up.

heating skillet in oven

Just before I put the toppings on the dough, I pulled the skillet out and added about a tablespoon of grapeseed oil to the skillet. Then I cracked my egg into the oil and just set the skillet at the opening of the oven. The pan is already hot enough to cook the egg without any direct heat from the fire. I will set the pan a little farther in the oven when the pizza goes in. At home, just fry an egg as you normally would. Since a pizza in a 450 degree oven will take about 15 minutes, you can fry the egg when the pizza is about halfway done.

frying an egg


Stretch your dough to a 10-12-inch round. If you want to do this in a pan, I think that would be a great way to go. We have fresh mozzarella and cooked, crumbled breakfast sausage to start.

Then I have sliced Calabrian chilis which really add a nice depth of flavor. They are a little spicy and a little sour. And to top the pizza before it hits the oven, pepper jack cheese.

My egg has been cooking in the pan just outside the oven and I will set the pan in the oven a little farther once I get the pizza in, to finish it off.

pizza going into oven

In she goes!

cooking egg and Breakfast Pizza

When the pizza comes out, top it with the fried egg. Isn’t that gorgeous! Drizzle some of the Calabrian chili oil over the pizza just before cutting, if you like.

Breakfast Pizza with an egg

Breakfast sausage on its own, is packed with flavor; the mozzarella and the pepper jack cheese really mellow it out and with the runny egg yolk making a sauce on the pizza…it has all the flavors of breakfast in every bite!

Breakfast Pizza

Slice it up so every slice has a little bit of egg.

sliced Breakfast Pizza

The fried egg has just enough runny yolk to make a sauce and the whites are cooked through perfectly, adding a luxuriously smooth texture. Ok! So we have our breakfast pizza, let’s get to the movie!

Movie Night: Nobody

As fans of the John Wick movies, Alex and I were excited to watch this new movie, as the the same creative teams and studios had also done the John Wick franchise. And, as I mentioned at the top, I am a fan of Bob Odenkirk – his deadpan comic delivery is great, and I could easily see how he would fit in a John Wick-style assassin movie. Odenkirk is a perfect choice for this role, he is the perfect unassuming bad-ass. This film is violent, to be sure. But as with the John Wick movies, the fighting scenes are so beautifully choreographed, it’s more like watching a ballet, than a fight scene.

In case you missed the first pizza we shared from the wood oven, check it out! It was a classic Pizza Margherita. After the storms we had here this week, I have a fair bit of yard clean-up ahead of me this weekend, but the weather is gorgeous again, so I am happy to be outside. What are your plans for this Mother’s Day weekend? I will have a fun and easy Mother’s Day recipe for you on Sunday. Until then, don’t forget you can also find me on Pinterest, Instagram and facebook. Have a great weekend! Take care and be well, everyone! xo Kelly

Breakfast Pizza

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Dinner, Main Course, Breakfast, Brunch American
By Kelly Djalali Serves: 2-4
Prep Time: 20 Minutes Cooking Time: 15 minutes Total Time: 35 Minutes

All the breakfast flavors! Egg and sausage, cheese and Calabrian chilis come together perfectly on a pizza!


  • 1 Prepared Pizza Dough
  • 1/2 16-oz. Package of Sliced Fresh Mozzarella, torn into pieces
  • 1 lb. Breakfast Sausage, browned and crumbled
  • Calabrian Chilis, sliced
  • 4-6 oz. Pepper Jack Cheese
  • 1-2 Eggs, fried



Preheat oven to 450 degrees.


On a floured pizza peel, dust the dough with flour and create a crust around the perimeter of the dough and flatten down the center.


Stretch it out on the backs of your hands, left hand over right hand, until the dough is roughly 12-inches around.


Add more flour evenly on the peel and lay the dough on the peel.


First add fresh mozzarella, then cooked sausage, then Calabrian Chilis, top with pepper jack cheese.


While the pizza is cooking, fry 1-2 eggs in a skillet until whites are cooked and yolk is still runny.


When the pizza is ready, top with the fried egg and slice!

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  • Terry
    May 7, 2021 at 11:12 am

    This looks really good might do mine on the treager. The movie looks really good as well have a great weekend ♥️Mom

    • Kelly Djalali
      May 7, 2021 at 11:14 am

      Hi Mom, yeah you should get a pizza steel to put on the Traeger! Let me know how it goes, xo Kelly